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The world’s temperature has been steadily increasing for the past century, resulting in the melting of ice caps in the North Pole and unpredictable weather patterns. Climate change as a result of global warming is perhaps the most pressing environmental issue ever faced by mankind.

Climate Change and Global Warming offers a brief and concise introduction to climate science and the current state of the world’s climate. The book also discusses alternative and cleaner sources of energy to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and references the 2015 Paris Agreement, where signatories aim to mitigate global warming.

Experts agree that human activity has overwhelmingly contributed to the increase in the volume of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and in the world’s oceans. The consumption of fossil fuel since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the nineteenth century paved the way for the rapid acceleration of global temperatures.

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Raymond Empereur is a retired public health and nonprofit organization executive. For over thirty years, he has served six local public health departments in northern Illinois and a health planning and policy agency that services Rockford, the north central area of Illinois. Raymond has also worked, albeit briefly, at helping people apply for a health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Currently, he teaches part-time at the Benedictine University and is a consultant at Rockford University for grant writing and nonprofit management. Raymond lives in Rockford in northern Illinois with his wife.

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Climate change is not difficult to understand. And in recent years, advances in climate science have further defined and described it. Much of climate change can be described as an expansion of the Greenhouse Effect which is largely responsible for life on our planet. It generated an atmosphere in which humans and all living things developed. At the right levels, the Greenhouse Effect is essential.

The 2015 Paris Agreement is the world’s first comprehensive climate agreement. 195 countries, including the U.S. approved the agreement. Barack Obama signed it. With ratification by the European Union the agreement entered into force on November 4, 2016. However, in June 2017 President Trump announced plans to withdraw the U.S. from the agreement. Is this what we want?

Climate scientist James Hansen has researched and written numerous papers on topics having to do with global warming. They all point to one undeniable fact. Our fossil-fuel-powered civilization is a “suicide machine,” and in the long run is unsustainable.

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