Carbon dioxide to coal – New Technology Shows Promise

Carbon dioxide to coal – New Technology Shows Promise

Raymond Empereur August 14, 2019

New innovative approach to greenhouse gas – CO2 to coal

Recently, a new technique has been developed by the research team led by Australia’s RMIT University that can effectively convert CO2 to coal. Published in the “Nature Communications” journal, the research demonstrates an alternative approach for permanently and safely removing the greenhouse . . .

Top ways to raise climate change awareness

Top ways to raise climate change awareness

Raymond Empereur August 7, 2019

Reviewing climate change awareness activities

Although everyone can do his/her own part to reduce carbon footprint, a lot more can be done if he/she doesn’t work alone. By working to spread climate change awareness, other people can also be convinced to do their part in order to save the world. Here’re some major climate change awareness activities tha . . .

polar bear cannibalism

Is climate change promoting polar bear cannibalism?

Raymond Empereur July 31, 2019

Reviewing key connection between polar bears and climate change

Polar bear cannibalism, typically the predation of cubs or small bears by adult males has become more commonplace than previously thought – an article published in the journal Arctic revealed. The gruesome behavior was observed by Jenny Ross, an environmental photojournalist, in Olgastretet. . . .

National Climate Assessment

Things to know about Fourth National Climate Assessment

Raymond Empereur July 24, 2019

Top alarming health effects of climate change

The NCA4 or Fourth National Climate Assessment is a congressionally mandated report that runs more than 1000 pages. The NOAA or National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration served as the convener of over 300 federal and other agencies. Thousands of climate scientists, individuals, and public policy experts c . . .


Why are glaciers disappearing from the world?

Raymond Empereur July 17, 2019

Reviewing reasons behind melting glaciers

While the phenomenon of glacier melting is normal and many people across the globe depend on this occurrence for survival, in the recent past, scientists have observed that glaciers are melting at a more than normal speed. Over the past few decades, many glaciers have melted so quickly that they’ve disappeared fr . . .

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