climate reality corps

Important things to know to become an active member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps

Raymond Empereur October 12, 2018

Want to create impact? Join Climate Reality leadership training now

The climate is changing steadily and immediate action from every walk of life needs to be taken to mitigate the crisis. Joining Climate Reality Leadership Training is perhaps the most advantageous thing one can do to attain his or her goal of becoming an active member of the Climate Realit . . .

climate reality project

How does Climate Reality Project Relate to An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

Raymond Empereur October 4, 2018

Climate Reality Project leadership training: Things you want to know

After his groundbreaking documentary film An Inconvenient Truth came out in 2006, former US Vice President Al Gore, founder of the Climate Reality Project, came up with An Inconvenient Sequel in 2017. Though this film is similar to the earlier one in some ways, it’s mo . . .

Moral Issue

Why Climate Change Should be Considered as a Moral Issue

Raymond Empereur September 27, 2018

Climate change adaptation: Crucial steps to be taken immediately

Climate change is much more than just inconsistent weather patterns. Believe it or not, the subject also encompasses disrupted food supply, coastal flooding and drought, among others. In arguments against climate change, anyone questioning whether it’s a moral issue should consider that con . . .


Why Clean Energy Is a Viable Alternative of Fossil Fuels

Raymond Empereur September 21, 2018

Obvious advantages of clean energy solutions over fossil fuels

There’s an ongoing battle between clean energy, also widely known as renewable energy, and fossil fuels. It seems like the predominant resources—oil, coal, and natural gas—on which the world economy depends and will be phased out slowly. In the present scenario, these resources still domi . . .

How Climate Change Has Emerged as a Public Health Issue

Raymond Empereur September 14, 2018

Key negative effects of climate change on society

As the environment begins to experience an unprecedented change in temperature, people across the globe have started to see a huge impact triggered by climate change. Bearing the brunt of the negative effects of climate change, human lives have become especially susceptible to several health hazards. Here . . .