Why Clean Energy Is a Viable Alternative of Fossil Fuels

Raymond Empereur September 21, 2018

Obvious advantages of clean energy solutions over fossil fuels

There’s an ongoing battle between clean energy, also widely known as renewable energy, and fossil fuels. It seems like the predominant resources—oil, coal, and natural gas—on which the world economy depends and will be phased out slowly. In the present scenario, these resources still domi . . .

How Climate Change Has Emerged as a Public Health Issue

Raymond Empereur September 14, 2018

Key negative effects of climate change on society

As the environment begins to experience an unprecedented change in temperature, people across the globe have started to see a huge impact triggered by climate change. Bearing the brunt of the negative effects of climate change, human lives have become especially susceptible to several health hazards. Here . . .

climate change deniers

How to Change the Mind-Set of Climate Deniers

Raymond Empereur September 7, 2018

Simple ways to respond to climate change deniers

Many of us have someone in our lives—a coworker, family member, or friend—whose views on climate change differs from the latest scientific findings. Everyone, from scientists to activists working to address this, knows that success heavily depends on their ability to change the mindset of climate deniers . . .

ways to reduce carbon footprint - bullet train

Cutting Back on Your Own Carbon Footprint

Raymond Empereur August 31, 2018

4 simple yet immensely beneficial ways to reduce carbon footprint

Nowadays, a lot can be heard about the devastating effects of humanity’s carbon footprint on the planet. From food shortages to disastrous natural calamities triggered by altered weather patterns, there . . .

satellite for world clean energy initiatives

The World and Clean Energy Initiatives

Raymond Empereur August 23, 2018

Why you must join the clean energy movement

Greenhouse gases and carbon emission have largely contributed to global warming and the climatic conditions in recent times. A concerted effort from the United Nations Environment Programme and the community of nations looks to reverse this situation.

Among the many proposals under the SDGs (sustainable developmen . . .

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