Why Climate Change Should be Considered as a Moral Issue

Raymond Empereur September 27, 2018

Climate change adaptation: Crucial steps to be taken immediately

Moral Issue

Climate change is much more than just inconsistent weather patterns. Believe it or not, the subject also encompasses disrupted food supply, coastal flooding and drought, among others. In arguments against climate change, anyone questioning whether it’s a moral issue should consider that continued reckless behavior of humans will lead to nowhere but displacement of millions of people due to loss of homelands, livelihoods, and food resources. This huge migration will make geographical and political efforts meaningless.

Climate change adaptation should be a shared responsibility among businesses, households, and governments at all levels, each having specific roles to play. Here’re some crucial tips on how to minimize global warming and climate change:

Tree planting

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and sends out oxygen during photosynthesis. Though they’re an integral part of the natural atmospheric exchange cycle on Earth, there’re too few of them to completely counter the increase in carbon footprints triggered by manufacturing, automobile traffic, and various human activities. Hence, tree plantation should be considered as one of the simplest yet most powerful steps to mitigate climate change.

Use of renewable power

Push for healthier and cleaner energy is on the rise across the globe. With costs dropping heavily, renewable energy is steadily becoming the best option for the environment as well as the economy. Renewable power, like those from wind farms, can help reduce the progression of climate change to a great extent.

Proper waste management

Currently, there are 5.25 trillion pieces of trash in our oceans. Knowing this should motivate everyone to start segregating and disposing their trash properly, especially plastic waste. Why is this important in saving the environment? First of all, proper waste disposal keeps our surroundings clean. Second, it keeps everyone healthy because it can help prevent soil and water leakage and even keep people from getting in contact with hazardous waste materials. Lastly, it minimizes garbage buildup, which is harming our seas, lands, and already some animals in the wild.

Arguments against climate change existing are useless. Whether people believe in this problem or not, it doesn’t change the fact that humanity’s self-indulgent, greedy nature of consumption has led to deterioration of the planet’s quality life-support systems, like self-sustaining lands, natural forests, and rivers among others. Compassion for other people and making sacrifices, especially for future generations, has made climate change more of a moral issue over others.

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