How does Climate Reality Project Relate to An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

Raymond Empereur October 4, 2018

Climate Reality Project leadership training: Things you want to know

climate reality project

After his groundbreaking documentary film An Inconvenient Truth came out in 2006, former US Vice President Al Gore, founder of the Climate Reality Project, came up with An Inconvenient Sequel in 2017. Though this film is similar to the earlier one in some ways, it’s more engaging than its predecessor. While the first documentary was more enriched with science and data, the sequel is more focused on real world problems, including natural disasters, difficult international negotiations, and a successful conclusion that evokes both conviction and compassion.

Mr. Gore founded the Climate Reality Project with an aim to train the next generation of activists and organizers to catalyze solutions for climate crisis across the globe. An Inconvenient Sequel prominently features Climate Reality Project leadership training as part of Mr. Gore’s initiative to develop a global movement to mitigate the crisis. It includes how climate reality leaders are driving change in different ways, such as addressing the influence of the crisis on low-income rural communities, while giving versions of Mr. Gore’s slideshow.

To date, Climate Reality has trained over 14 thousand of activists for membership in the Climate Reality Leadership Corps, transforming them into proponents of change with the required knowledge, tools, and drive to communicate the impacts and solutions of climate change.

24 Hours of Reality, which is another initiative from Mr. Gore, is a live global broadcast where climate reality project presenters stand up together and seek real solutions to the climate crisis in various featured locations. For instance, when it covered the Climate Reality Project Boulder, Colorado, the broadcast offered immensely valuable knowledge on how the climate change is impacting Boulder and how the activists were inspired to conduct online campaigns, encourage mass public actions, and undertake organizing at the grassroot level.

All of these efforts from Mr. Gore would hopefully inspire people, especially the youth, in being proactive in saving the environment and come up with practical solutions to saving the planet. After all, it’s the only planet for us to live in, so people might as well make the effort to keep it habitable. And people who are inspired to do so could follow Mr. Gore’s example.

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