Important things to know to become an active member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps

Raymond Empereur October 12, 2018

Want to create impact? Join Climate Reality leadership training now

climate reality corps

The climate is changing steadily and immediate action from every walk of life needs to be taken to mitigate the crisis. Joining Climate Reality Leadership Training is perhaps the most advantageous thing one can do to attain his or her goal of becoming an active member of the Climate Reality Corps. The training program helps transform a climate enthusiast into an activist, fully equipped with deep insights of the present climate scenario, and a robust understanding of how tools like social media, storytelling, and personal outreach can be used to encourage the audience to reduce the grim reality of climate change by taking actions. Here’re some key facts of the training program:

  • Attending Climate Reality Training is free; it’s fully self-funded by the attendees. No fee is paid to attend the training and attendees will need to pay for their own travel and lodging.
  • As all applicants need to make arrangements for their own travel and accommodation during the training, the team of Climate Reality encourages attendees to look for funding from possible sources, like other organizations, community groups, and businesses, among others.
  • All trainings are provided in English. If English isn’t the primary language of an applicant, he or she should be prepared to translate the training materials provided by the Climate Reality Project on his/her own.
  • During the training, vegetarian lunch and snacks are provided by Climate Reality, but attendees need to cover other meals on their own.

An attendee becomes a member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps and joins the worldwide network of Climate Reality Leaders after completing the training.

Have you ever joined a Climate Reality Training program? If yes, share your experience in the comments section below. You can also connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. Remember to check my book Global Warming and Climate Change if you have time.



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