Why Clean Energy Is a Viable Alternative of Fossil Fuels

Raymond Empereur September 21, 2018

Obvious advantages of clean energy solutions over fossil fuels


There’s an ongoing battle between clean energy, also widely known as renewable energy, and fossil fuels. It seems like the predominant resources—oil, coal, and natural gas—on which the world economy depends and will be phased out slowly. In the present scenario, these resources still dominate a major part of energy generation, while renewable resources only contribute to a very small percentage of global energy capacity. But why are equipments like solar panels and turbines becoming an increasingly common sight? What drives the world to embrace the shift? Here’re the key advantages of clean energy solutions over energy derived from nonrenewable resources.

Less global warming

The atmosphere is getting overloaded with various global warming emissions including carbon dioxide by use of fossil fuels, resulting in adverse impacts like sea level rise, frequent storms and drought, among others. On the contrary, a majority of clean energy resources produce no to little global emissions, posing minimal threat of climate crisis.

Inexhaustible energy

Resources like coal, oil, and gas not only trigger detrimental effects but will run out eventually. In contrast, clean energy fuels stock is constant. Resources like sunny skies, strong winds, fast-moving water, etc., can provide a constantly replenished stock of energy.

Reduced cost

The excuse that says clean energy is too expensive is a matter of past now. Nowadays, renewable energy has become as affordable as energy derived from fossil fuels, especially after the implementation of the innovative model—property-assessed clean energy. In addition, clean energy is projected to get cheaper over time.

Clean energy is paving the way for a safer means of generating power and electricity. Considering the current state of the planet, renewable energy has to be the best choice when it comes to mitigating climate crisis.

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